How to Power Up 2

Last weeks’ post ended with the statement, that I wanted to test the board. Unfortunately, I still need some components that I only had in the wrong size, so I needed to order them – they still haven’t arrived.

So I had a little time to work on the problem: how to cold start the vehicle. (see How to Power Up)

The logic is more or less finished, I made the following change:

There will be no operation of the contactor from this board, instead, this board will feed the controller power supply long enough until the BMS has initialised itself and receives the command to close its dedicated contactor. While this approach means an added effort in programming, it will save some complexity in cabling.

I now need to layout the board and on my next PCB order, I will get this one as well.

The schematics can be found in the linked file: Power_on_Schematic

till next week…

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